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Finding the right airframe is the most exciting, yet hardest part! We do the legwork, so you can sit back and enjoy the results. We don’t go out and buy the first plane we see. We conduct a thorough inspection, to see if it’s worthy of our time and your money. Our pre-buy includes an FAA search of all the records pertaining to the aircraft. We ensure there are no outstanding liens, no major repair 337’s and we track the chain of ownership to ensure the plane has always been based in the United States. Next, we inspect the log books to confirm that they’re original and complete since the day it was built. We then inspect the actual airframe. We look for corrosion. We inspect the skins for any hail damage. Then, the remainder of the airframe is inspected as if were an annual. If any AD’s are outstanding, or anything is found to be un-airworthy or marginal on its wear life, we will fix it or replace it. To ensure the highest quality, we ask that you the buyer have the plane inspected by a third party. If anything is found un-airworthy, or any equipment not working to manufacturer’s specifications– down to the last light bulb– we will fix it. No questions asked, at no charge to you.

*Customer satisfaction is something we take seriously. Our goal is to deliver a quality aircraft and to build a solid relationship with you. We are at your disposal, at any time, to answer your questions. Visit our testimonial page to see our customer endorsements.

Make: Beechcraft
Model: A36 Bonanza
Registration: Choose Your Own
Total Time: 4000 Hours or Under
Engine: If the engine has approximately 750 hours since a major overhaul by a reputable engine shop, it remains in the aircraft. It’s fully inspected, and if anything is found un-airworthy, it’s fixed or replaced. All other engines are removed and sent out for an overhaul by an FAA certified repair station. The engine is overhauled to manufacturer’s new limits. This overhaul includes factory new cylinders, a new ignition harness, and new magnetos. The fuel system is overhauled along with oil cooler or coolers – depending on the engine model. During the overhaul, all AD’s and SB’s are complied with. The engine shop provides a two-year or 500-hour warranty, starting when you take delivery of your aircraft.

When the engine is reinstalled, everything from the firewall forward is removed, cleaned and inspected. All necessary engine hardware for reinstall is replaced with new. The exhaust system is inspected, and if anything is found un-airworthy, it is sent to an FAA certified repair station. The engine baffles are cleaned, inspected and painted to match the new baffle seal that is installed. The cowl chafe tape is re-placed. The engine mount is inspected and painted. All fluid-carrying hoses, scat hoses, and engine lord mounts are replaced with new ones. The starter, alternator, battery and vacuum pump are inspected. If the parts are airworthy, they’re cleaned and re-installed. If not, they’re overhauled or replaced. At the end of the process, the engine compartment looks fresh. We pride ourselves on our quality of workmanship. We personally fly every aircraft for the first few hours for proper break-in. Instructions will be given to you by the engine shop on how to operate the particular engine model newly installed in your refurbished aircraft.

Prop: If the propeller has approximately 1,000 hours since an overhaul, we will remove it and send it to an FAA certified propeller repair shop. You’ll receive a one-year warranty.

Annual: Fresh With Sale
IFR: Fresh With Sale

Exterior: We remove all necessary control surfaces, the inspection panels, the wing, elevator and rudder tips, and wheel pants (not on all models.) All the exterior plastic or fiberglass is inspected. If we cannot restore it to new, we’ll replace it. Next, we strip off the old paint down to the bare aluminum, including the door frames. Then we clean, prep, and prime all surfaces. The final paint coat is applied in a dust-free environment, implementing the Sherwin Williams Acuy-Glo process. The control surfaces are re-balanced and installed with new hardware. We re-install all exterior hardware plastic or fiberglass with new stainless steal hardware If your aircraft model has any exterior rubber seals they are replaced. New tinted glass is installed and the windows are sealed to prevent water leakage. The paint job includes a one-year warranty as soon as you take delivery of your aircraft.
You can choose your own scheme and colors if you specify that desire at the start of the project. (The picture of the above aircraft is a past example of our work)

Interior: We remove the interior and examine it for corrosion. If any is found, it’s cleaned and treated. We inspect all interior plastic, making any repairs or replacing it with new materials. The window trim is dyed to match the interior of the aircraft. The headliner is cleaned and re-dyed or replaced– whatever it takes to make it look like new. The seatbelts are re-webbed and color coordinated to match the interior. We install a new interior placard kit, and new carpeting throughout. Upon request, we’ll install matching floor mats with custom embroidery. We fashion new side panels with new hardware to fit and look like they did from the factory. We pad and cover the armrests in a matching material. We perform a mechanical and structural inspection of the seat frames, and repair as necessary. Also, we paint the seat frames to match the interior. We re-work the foam and the seat webbing so they’re conducive to lumbar and thigh support. If you prefer, we can custom-cut the foam to fit your body shape. With our seat design, you actually sit on the seat – not in the seat – making for an extremely comfortable ride – especially on those long cross country flights. We cover the seats in a high grade, FAA approved leather and use a double-French seam – the same seam used in high-end vehicles. We install new windlace cord on doors, along with all new door seals. This makes a big difference in the cabin noise. Some of the interiors already have a sound proofing package. If not, we can install one for you. But keep in mind, we find that replacing the door seals, windlace and getting the doors to close properly makes the biggest difference. The interior includes a one-year warranty against manufacturer’s defects, which starts when you take delivery of your aircraft.
You can choose your own materials and colors if you specify that desire at the start of the project.

Avionics: We remove all outdated avionics and excess wiring. Every flight and engine instrument is inspected for cosmetic and mechanical performance. If any instrument lenses are foggy, discolored, or not working properly, they are repaired. The autopilot is tested to perform to manufacturer’s specifications. If it doesn’t meet these standards, it goes to the shop. All light bulbs are inspected and replaced if they aren’t working.Finally, an FAA certified repair station installs a modern avionics stack. The avionics may vary from plane-to-plane, but at a minimum, they’ll all have a Garmin 340 audio panel with intercom and music input jack for your I-Pod or MP3 player. A Garmin 430 WASS IFR GPS with a Garmin GI 106a glideslope indicator serves as your number one nav and com. King KX 155 with a VOR serves as the number two nav com. A Garmin 327 transponder completes the standard avionics stack. We can install any avionics that are FAA certified, so don’t be afraid to ask us to make an upgrade. We do it all the time for our customers. We refurbish the instrument panel overlay to give you a clean, modern-looking panel. All new avionic installations include the manufacturer warranty.

Autopilot: Each A36 will feature an altitude hold autopilot with heading bug and GPS coupling if we use the existing autopilot it is tested to perform to manufacturer’s specifications. If it didn’t meet these standards, it will be fixed. The autopilot will vary depending on what comes with the airframe.

Features: The features will vary but keep in mind we can add anything you want to make it your personal project. Our aircraft will always feature,complete logs since new,no known damage history and no known corrosion problems.

Price: Place Your Order Today!!

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