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To current and future aircraft owners:
The most important aspect in purchasing an aircraft is finding someone you can trust. Matt Kozub at Aircraft Sales Inc. is that person. I purchased my first aircraft, a Cherokee 6/300 through ASI in 2009, and was so pleased with the experience, I asked Matt to help me find a Cessna 414 in 2011. After we found the right one, he took care of brokering the Cherokee 6 as well. Matt’s team at ASI has performed annuals, minor maintenance, and helped me navigate through a major avionics upgrade. In each case, I knew I could count on ASI to be honest, up front, and deliver. It has been a pleasure doing business with a company that puts the customer, and integrity first. When it’s time to move on from the Cessna, I will be back


Tom Engle

I was a first time buyer. Matt at ASI was extremely knowledgeable and easy to work with. All my questions were answered promptly. The entire experience from first contact to plane delivery was exceptional, no hassles, excellent service at all times. I would strongly recommend ASI and if I need another plane would call them first!



I finally carved out some time to write you a testimonial about my experience buying an airplane. In short, I made a great decision when I decided to have you procure and refurbish an airplane for me. The experience I had was everything promised on your web site before I signed a contract with you.
The quality experience began with your guidance on which aircraft I should purchase. I don’t know if you recall that I came to you with three candidate airplanes I thought would be a match for my experience level and flying goals. As a newly minted pilot, I was aware of my lack of relevant experience regarding airplane purchases and was very concerned about making poor choices. You advised against two of my three candidate aircraft. You educated me about difficulties in procuring parts for one aircraft and, most importantly, you told me my wife would hate the other aircraft. In the end you endorsed my selection of a Cessna 182 and advised me that I would be very happy with the airplane.
You found a suitable aircraft in short order and I bought my first airplane. I totally relied upon your guidance that this airplane was a suitable candidate for being refurbished. I really didn’t know if I was doing the right thing. Given the size of the transaction, it did give me pause.
A few months later I accepted delivery of my Cessna 182. Because I had never flown a Cessna 182 before delivery I had my instructor meet me at the airport and fly it as part of my acceptance. Let me quote what he said when flying, “Wow, this is some airplane!”
Now I’ve had the airplane over 6 months. I couldn’t be happier with it. I have been adding hours to my log book and collecting complements on how fabulous my airplane looks, inside and out. The airplane is tight, perfectly rigged and outperforms the numbers in the POH. People are astonished when I park my airplane next to a 182 that is only a couple of years old. I have all of the looks, performance and comfort of the new model at a fraction of the cost.
I believe that my airplane may be the only one I ever own because of its capabilities and match for my mission. However, I know that if I ever buy another airplane I’ll be coming back to you. I highly value the experience you provided me, the integrity of the whole process and your delivery of the highest quality product. You can call me one very satisfied customer.
I still hope to drop in on you when I next fly my plane to Cleveland.

Best regards,


It’s been a couple of months since we picked up our Turbo Saratoga from your shop in Ohio and I wanted to thank you again. Most pilots would hesitate to buy a plane in Ohio while living in Texas, only to see the plane the first time when it was time for a long cross country flight home. Earlier in the year my airplane partner and I spotted another Turbo Saratoga in your advertising. While that one caught our eye as well, by the time I contacted you about it you had sold the plane. Coincidentally, the buyer was from the Austin area and someone we knew. The condition of his plane and his recommendation encouraged us to stay in touch with you until another Saratoga became available.
I am writing today to offer a similar type referral for your future clients. Dealing with you and your dad was a top notch experience. The communication before our arrival was excellent and made the paperwork part of the transaction seamless. We arrived the day before, where you flew another Saratoga to the Akron airport to pick us up. That was fun. When the hanger door opened and we saw our plane for the first time it was better than expected. You arranging for a CFI to meet us that afternoon for my 2 hour insurance check ride was customer service in high gear. Our trip home was fun and fast ( just under 7 hours from Akron to Austin ). The plane ran great and absolutely everything worked. The fresh annual was a nice touch as well.
Back at our home field the other pilots say that we found a 1980 Turbo Saratoga that has had an “Extreme Make Over, Plane Edition”. That sums it up. The plane looks new, smells new and flies great. As a high end custom home builder I am in the service business with people who expect the best and count on integrity. Your team could confidently deal with our customers. Feel free to use us as a referral for anyone considering a long distance purchase like we did. It was fun and thanks again for all you did to make the transaction and the trip easy.

Steve Zbranek

Our “new” Saratoga has been to a number of airfields around the Southeast since we received it from Matt Kozub late summer/early fall , 2011. We have received numerous complimentary comments . In Auburn Alabama , we were asked if we had bought one of the last Saratogas made . We said , no , this was a 1983 airframe that was completely “redone” by Matt Kozub and his company. A project of this scope is not going to be without “squawks” during and after completion . Matt has demonstrated that he puts his customers first in insuring that they receive a quality product , whatever it takes . He is a true craftsman and takes pride in his work . His “method” may be the only way to receive a quality and affordable product in today’s market .

Valdosta Flying Group

Bo Woodward

Many others have complimented you and your company … in fact, it was those many letters that resulted in my ultimately buying an buying an airplane from you. Context matters, so let me provide some. I have always been a gearhead, so even though this was my first aircraft purchase, I felt reasonably qualified to make my own decisions regarding which airplane I should buy. I should also mention that I am a 64 year old, experienced, pretty conservative, cautious person. Combine that with the fact that this was to be a large cash transaction … all the alarms should have been ringing. However, armed with what l was able to learn from others, my own instincts regarding the integrity of you and your company after a few phone calls, I decided to buy an airplane … sight unseen … from a guy I found on the internet who I had never personally met and had only talked to on the phone, go figure.

As it turned out, my instincts were right and my trust in you was not misplaced. You did exactly what you said you would do, represented the airplane exactly as it was, and disclosed every fact, even when not legally required. You always answered the phone and answered my dozens of questions, emails and texts. Matt, you are an honorable guy and one I would not hesitate to send my friends and family to.

Now to the airplane. It’s a beauty … looks new and is frequently presumed to be new by others. The paint is near flawless, the interior first class and the workmanship superb. Can you tell I’m a fully satisfied buyer? I have flown my beautiful 1979 Piper Dakota all over Texas and on several trips to visit family and friends (South Carolina, Mississippi twice and Florida) and those are only in the first four months of ownership. This does not count the trip home to Texas from Ohio when I first picked up N543RR. I have done hot rod cars, motorcycles (on and off road)and really fast boats (still have one of those) and I must tell you that owning my own airplane is the only one of those motorsports that has exceeded my expectations. I thought it would be pretty cool to own a plane, but it’s MUCH better than I thought it would be and I’m sure that some of that joy is provided by the quality of the airplane I bought from you. It has been a lot fun explaining to other pilots how I came to own such a “cherry” 1979 Dakota. I have referred many to your website and will continue to do so in the future. If I ever decide to “move up” … faster is always better … rest assured it will be with an airplane I buy from you.

I would tell anyone who is considering buying an airplane, that they can buy from you with complete confidence and safety … lawyers not required … handshakes work just fine. We like it that way in Texas!

Thanks for a wonderful experience,

1979 Piper Dakota

Ron Craft

To whom it may concern:
My partners and I acquired a Piper Lance through Aircraft Sales, Inc. in 2010. Matt was very helpful in guiding us through our decisions regarding the refurbishment and at the same time he was accepting of our choices.
I believe our expectations for the finished product were fairly high and he met them. Now several months later we remain just as satisfied with the plane as when we first took delivery. I certainly would recommend Matt and his company and would be pleased to do business with him again.

Jeff Geese

What a GREAT Aircraft buying experience! Matt makes buying and selling an Aircraft a breeze. I purchased my 79′ Piper Dakota from Matt and can tell you I have never had the pleasure of doing business with a person of such integrity and honesty. Matt will do exactly what he says he will, and then some, when it comes to service before and after the sale. Then as if all that was not enough, when It became necessary to sell the plane Matt came thru again and bought the plane back from me at a fair price with no questions asked. Matt knows his business! Highly recommended !


Kent Keller


I wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the purchase of my first airplane. You truly created a masterpiece with the Saratoga N8427C. The attention to details when you delivered the craft were incredible. I am seriously enjoying the plane and have put approximately 100 hours on it in just the past few months. This is the best flying plane true to the test. There have been no issues at all it just likes gas and oil.

The interior, exterior, mechanics, avionics and functionality of N8427C are all better than I ever expected.

Thank you for all of your help. You and your team really did a great job putting this one together. Oh and please give Dave our best.

Clay Johnson

I’m writing to once again express my complete satisfaction with the aircraft we recently purchased from you. The airplane you delivered is nothing short of fantastic. Every detail was exactly as specified. The custom panel is amazing and has drawn several comments from other pilots on the field.

It is very rare in today’s world to find a person or product that lives up to their advertising and I am happy to say that you, your staff, and the finished product did just that. From our first meeting to the day of delivery, you met or exceeded the claims made in your advertising, as well as my personal expectations. Having owned aircraft in the past I can say that this was easily my most enjoyable airplane buying experience. Your one stop shopping approach, coupled with your outstanding customer service and flawless attention to detail, make a normally painful process simple. Please feel free to contact me should you ever need a reference.

Thanks Again

Nat Gifford